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  • Serrano Westlandpeppers Out of Stock
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    Serrano pepper

    500 Gr
    1 Kg
  • Maiskolf bladeren / corn leaves Westlandpeppers Out of Stock
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    Corn husk / corn leaf

    50 Gr
    240 Gr
  • Epazote – fresh – 20/100gr

    Epazote is a herb that is widely used in the Mexican cuisine. Epazote or the Dutch name 'Welriekende ganzenvoet' is an annual plant native to Mexico. The plan had a strong odour and a very typical, much appreciated, taste. It is used in the many Mexican dishes. The taste is so strong that you often don't have to use much of it to give a dish that typical Mexican 'touch'. You can order the Epazote per 20 or 100 gram. This product is sold in a paper package in which the Epazote can still ‘breathe’, so it stays optimally fresh. 
  • Epazote powder

    200 Gr
    30 Gr
  • Mexican Oregano – fresh – 20gr

    The Mexican Oregano is an indispensable product in the Mexican cuisine. It's a different kind as the oregano that we often use in the kitchen. The Mexican Oregano has a much stronger taste. It does have the same Mediterranean flavour as the oregano we know, but the Mexican Oregano also contains flavours of citrus and liquorice. The oregano is delicious in Mexican / Latin American dishes, such as chili con carne and salsa. This product is sold per 20 gram in a plastic bag with a small amount of water. This keeps the leaves good during transport. If you can't use them fresh immediately, you can store the leaves in the refrigerator for another 5 days. You can also dry the leaves.
  • Sliced Organic Jalapeño peppers – per can (4,25kg)

    Sliced green organic Jalapeño pepper in vinegar, without visible defects and without stems or leaf material and packed in cans and pasteurized. The net drained weight is 2,7kg. The total weight of the can is 4,25kg. The shelf life from production is 48 months, this can be found on the can. Once a can is opened, it must be stored in a refrigerated environment, after which the sliced jalapeños will last for another 20 days. The spicy pepper slices can be used as a garnish for pizzas, nachos, hamburgers or salads. But can also be used in its entirety in Mexican dishes. The tins are ideal for catering companies and restaurants that want to use organic Jalapeños in their dishes. The Jalapeños are organically grown and processed in Spain. Ingredients: - Biological Jalapeño peppers (green) - Wine vinegar - Water