How does the webshop work?

1. You place an order
Choose from our range of products. The order amount of fresh products is 0,5KG. We also have dried products, fresh leaves, rubs and sauces.

2. We harvest your products
From Apr-Nov the products come from our greenhouses in the Netherlands. From Nov-Apr our products come from Spain, Morocco and Israël.

3. Your order is packed
Your order will be carefully packed in an extra strong export box, the box is made from (old) cardboard. So the packaging material can be recycled.

4. Your product is delivered
Your order will be shipped by the transport company DHL, where we have a partnership with. You can also pick up your products at our company in De Lier.

Is it not clear yet how the order process works or do you have a different question?
Take a look at our FAQ page with the most frequently asked questions or contact us!


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