The world of Westlandpeppers

The world is getting smaller, national borders are fading. And not only on adventurous trips, but also in our own environment we are more often introduced to other cultures and eating habits.

We at Westlandpeppers are convinced that food can connect people, and that it is good to have a look into each other’s kitchens. You don’t necessarily have to go to the other side of the world to do that. Why shouldn’t we grow and produce all those beautiful peppers and spicy products over here as well? In our own greenhouses in the Netherlands and with our own growers abroad. In that way, it can be done much more sustainable, cleaner, safer and fresher. With less impact on the environment.

With our fresh products, webshop and tips and recipes, we try to help you eat healthier, fresher and more adventurously. And maybe in this way we can also create a little more understanding for the other side of the world..

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