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The Bastard Hot Talent

Welcome to The Bastard Hot Talent, a unique collaboration between Westlandpeppers, The Bastard and TV chef Per de Man, where we search for the ultimate hot sauce. In this YouTube series, we invite you to explore the world of hot sauces and push your culinary boundaries. Watch the episodes here.

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Chili contest package Westlandpeppers

Scale of Scoville & spiciness

Not sure which chillies to order? Or in doubt about how spicy a particular product is? Check out our blog with a full scoville scale of all our fresh and dried chillies here! How spicy do you dare?

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Fermentation kit: Make your own Hot Sauce!

We have put together a special fermentation kit to make your own fermented hot sauce. Fermentation gives your hot sauce just that deeper flavour explosion. Is it difficult? Not at all! Watch a video here with extra explanation and read about the basic tips.

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New hottest pepper in the world: Pepper X

For more than a decade, the Carolina Reaper dominated the super hot world as the number one hottest pepper in the world. Until Pepper X took its place as the hottest pepper in the world in 2023. Read our blog with more information here.

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Fresh chilli peppers Westlandpeppers

Red chillies VS. Green chillies

Chili peppers come in many different colors, from orange to brown and you even have purple chili peppers, but the most common colors are still red and green. Read our blog about the differences between red and green chili peppers here.

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Jalapeno VS Chipotle

Jalapeño VS. Chipotle

The jalapeño and the chipotle are two popular peppers. Although they are actually the same pepper, they are very different and are sometimes mixed up. Read our blog about the differences and similarities between the jalapeño and chipotle.

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