About Us


Who we are

Westlandpeppers is specialized in growing and packaging chilipeppers and bell peppers, from the hottest Carolina Reaper to Sweet mini peppers.

Westlandpeppers is located at two locations in ‘Westland’, the main location is in De Lier and a second location in ’s-Gravenzande. With totally 8,6 hectare of greenhouses. In high season we employ about 100 people. From April till November the products come from our own greenhouses in the Netherlands and from November till April the products come from Spain, Morocco and Israel, where we work with the same growers for years. This allows us to offer products year-round.

Our history

In 1930 Hendrik Boekestijn started the company that’s now known as Westlandpeppers. He started with the cultivation of grapes, peaches, leeks and cauliflowers.

Later he was succeeded by his son Pieter Boekestijn, and now his three sons Henk, Dolf and Pieter have taken over the company and they cultivate a wide range of chillies and snack peppers. In the meantime, the fourth generations work at the company as well. In addition to supplying to wholesalers and supermarkets, we have started this webshop since 2013. Which means that we can also supply catering companies and individuals with the various products from our range.

Our vision

Westlandpeppers wants to work in the most sustainable way possible with the way we cultivate the products, biological control, packaging, energy, water and waste.

So that we can supply people now and in the future with fresh chillies and bell peppers with minimal impact on people and the environment. We are committed to reducing food wastage, use organic crop protection and we have 1945 solar panels on the roof of our packaging hall to generate energy in a sustainable way. Westlandpeppers is in possession of various certificates that show that we work in a (food) safe, hygienic and sustainable way. Click here for more information.

Team Westlandpeppers

Below are the contact points of Westlandpeppers.

Henk Boekestijn
Bram Kloosterman
Dolf Boekestijn
Lisette Boekestijn
Pieter Boekestijn
Liesbeth van Uden