Eating with Nick videos

At Westlandpeppers , we are fans of Nick Toet and his recipe videos! On his YouTube Channel "Food with Nick," he posts a new recipe every week and often uses chilies to flavor the dishes. Check out the videos here where he uses Westlandpeppers peppers for the tastiest dishes.

Nutrients and deficiencies for your pepper plant

pepper plant deficiency symptoms Westlandpeppers

Now we know at Westlandpeppers that there are a lot of pepper lovers who, apart from loving to eat peppers, also enjoy growing their own. In this blog you will find a brief overview of which nutrients are needed for healthy growth of your pepper plants.

Chili Con Carne from What Cooks The Podcast

Chili con carne package WSDP

Wat Schaft De Podcast is a podcast about food, drink and cooking. We teamed up with them to put together a special package to make Texas Chili con Carne. Read our blog with more information here.

Reviews: The Scovillians test various peppers

Scovillians video Westlandpeppers

The Scovillians have a YouTube channel and review spicy food on it. Check out the videos where they eat and review the Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper, green pepper and Aji Amarillo from Westlandpeppers .

Jalapeño VS. Chipotle

Jalapeno VS Chipotle Westlandpeppers

The jalapeño and the chipotle are two popular peppers. Although they are actually the same pepper they are very different, and are sometimes mixed up. Read our blog on the differences and similarities between the jalapeño and chipotle here.

Replacing Madame Jeanette pepper in a dish

Madame Jeanette replaced Westlandpeppers

Fresh Madame Jeanette / Lemon Habanero peppers out of stock on our webshop? No problem, because in this blog you will read about the different ways to replace a Madame Jeanette pepper in a dish.

This is the best way to store fresh herbs

Fresh herbs Westlandpeppers

Fresh herbs add delicious flavor to your dishes, but often have a short shelf life. Read our blog here on how to keep them fresh for longer. And also what you can do if you want to keep fresh herbs for a longer time, if you have some left over, for example.

This is the best way to store dried peppers

Dried peppers Westlandpeppers

The drying process significantly extends the life of peppers, they spoil less quickly, but they can also lose their flavor or shelf life after drying if you don't store them properly. Read our blog on how to best keep them good for a long time here.

The history of the Habanada

Habanada Westlandpeppers

At Westlandpeppers we grow the Habanada, the not hot Habanero. This pepper has all the flavors of the hot habanero pepper, but without the spiciness. Read our blog about how this particular pepper was developed here.

WOS item - Culture of the Zone

Culture of the region Westlandpeppers

In the series "Kweek van de Streek," WOS takes a lance at various companies in the Westland/Midden Delfland region. On October 16, 2021 Westlandpeppers was featured in Frank Jan Kat's WOS program. A unique look inside our greenhouses, the story about our family business and why we started growing peppers. [...]

Drone footage of the greenhouse

Greenhouse Westlandpeppers

Every year we have a crop rotation, which means the old plants are removed and new small plants are planted in December. Watch a drone video of the greenhouses with the small plants here.

Ordering during Pentecost

No orders will be made and shipped by DHL on Whit Monday, May 20. Orders placed after Friday, May 17, 10:00 a.m. (in the morning) will be made and shipped on Tuesday, May 21. Please keep this in mind when placing an order.