1.  Is it possible to pick up the products at the company? 
It is possible to order your products online and then pick up your products at Westlandpeppers’ location in De Lier if you select “Afhalen in De Lier’’. After that, we will get in contact with you via Whatsapp or mail to inform you about the time of picking up your order. Please be aware that fresh products will get a poor quality after three days, so do not wait too long for picking up your order. When you pick up your order, it is not possible to visit the greenhouse. This is because of hygienic reasons.

Westlandpeppers owns a Vespa Foodtruck which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Foodtruck is located at Burgemeester Crezeelaan 44a and is recognizable on its orange colour. The products are sold in small packages, specially made for consumers: snack cucumbers, snack tomatoes, snack peppers, Habanero per 80 gram, Jalapenos per 80 gram, Chilli mix, Jalapeño Sauce, Habanero Sauce and Sweet Chilli Sauce.

Burgemeester Crezeelaan 44a
2678 KZ De Lier
The Netherlands

Opening hours:
Monday till Friday: 08:00 – 17:00
Saturday: 08:00 – 12:00

2. How will my order be shipped?
Your order will be shipped by the transport company DHL which WestlandPeppers has a partnership with. The package is sent in an extra-strong export box which will be carefully packed. For the filling and packaging, it is sometimes needed that Westland Peppers use old cardboard boxes that are made in a special machine. This is better for the environment and you can just put this cardboard in the waste paper to recycle. For your order in the shop, we charge an amount of € 5,25 for shipping per 17kg. These costs include the cost of packaging.

Shipping and packaging cost per country per 17kg:
Netherlands: € 5,30
Austria: €17,95
Belgium: € 9,95
Bulgaria: €26,95
Croatia: €36,95
Czech Republic: €17,95
Denmark: € 29,95
Estonia: €21,95
Finland: €36,95
France: €19,95
Germany: €11,95
Greece: €28,95
Hungary: €15,95
Ireland: €25,95
Italy: €23,95
Latvia: €20,95
Lithuania: €21,95
Luxembourg: €13,95
Poland: €14,95
Portugal: €24,95
Slovakia: €14,95
Slovenia: €18,95
Spain: €23,95
Romania: €14,95
United Kindom(UK)*: €15,95
Sweden: € 28,95

0kg> till 17kg: 1x shippingcosts
17kg> till 34kg: 2x shippingcosts
34kg> till 51kg: 3x shippingcosts
51kg> till 68kg: 4x shippingcosts
68kg> till 85kg: 5x shippingcosts
85kg+: 6x shippingcosts

If your country isn’t on this list, please send us an email (Westlandpeppersinfo@gmail.com), to see if we ship to your country.

It is necessary for you to fill in your email address while ordering. After ordering, you will receive a Track & Trace code. This code allows you to see exactly where the package is located. Watch out! It is possible that the email of DHL with the Track & Trace code arrive in your spam inbox.

International customers can track the package on www.dhlparcel.nl/nl/track-trace-1 . On this page you can select the desired language. Then fill in the destination country, the barcode that you have received via email and your zip code. Then click on “Find” package and you will see the status of your package.

*Shipping to the United Kingdom(UK) will only take place on Mondays, to prevent the product from remaining in a depot during the weekend. If you place your order on a different day than Monday, your package will be sent on the next Monday, to ensure that your order remains fresh and arrives well.dhl_logo-svg



3. What is the delivery time of my order?
The order that you place at the webshop has a delivery time of 2 to 3 days which will be delivered by DHL to you. If the order at that time has not been received, please do not hesitate to contact us. For customers who order abroad, there applies a delivery time of 3 to 5 business days. Please also note that orders after Friday afternoon half past 12 o’clock will no longer be processed, until Monday. This is to avoid that the fresh chillies/peppers unnecessary stand in depots during the weekend.

Delivery address

Besides the option of delivery of your order at your own address is it also possible to fill in another address than your own address. This is very useful for delivering your order at work or to give as a gift.

4. Orders above 17 kilograms.
If your order is more than 17 kg, the order will be split into several parts. This is because of the Labour Law for the courier of DHL. It is possible that one package arrives later than the other package.

5. Can anyone order?
Yes, everyone can order in the shop of WestlandPeppers. Both private and business customers can order in our webshop. For business customers, it is good to know that the VAT is indicated on the invoice. We do not send the invoice with the order, this is to avoid unnecessary printing paper as there is no need to. Business customers and others who need the invoice printed can download and print the invoice after ordering.

6. I would like to ship my order to a shared place of business
Yes, this is possible but we ask you to fill in the order notes with a telephone number or an explanation for the DHL courier where he can find your company. This is to avoid that your order will be shipped back to us because another company didn’t take your order.

7. Can I find my VAT number on the invoice? 
Yes, this is possible. If you enter your VAT number at your order it will be visible on your invoice. Therefore, it is very important to enter your VAT number when you are ordering.

8. Can I look at my previous invoices?
Yes, that is possible. You can look at your previous invoices when you have an existing account. Please be aware that you need to have a PDF viewer, because the invoice is a pdf file. You can find all your invoices at www.shop.westlandpeppers.com/mijn-account/orders 

9. What are the payment options in the shop?
You can pay in Westlandpeppers’ webshop through the payment systems Ideal, Paypal, SOFORT Banking & Mister Cash.

It is also possible to pay by bank transfer. By transferring the money the shipping process takes more time in comparison to paying by Paypal or Ideal. Your order will arrive in our system two days after you make the order. So after two days, the order will be made.

10. Where can I find Westlandpeppers’ bank account number when I want to pay via credit transfer?
You can find the bank account number of Westlandpeppers at the end on the page of the invoice. You can just confirm your order when you pay via credit transfer, so you can transfer the money to the stated bank account number.

11. What is the availability of the products?
The variety of products will be less in the winter than in the summer period. If a product is no longer available, it will be specified in the shop. These products will be back when the summer season (around April) starts.

12. The order amount of fresh peppers / bell peppers on 0,5 KG. Why is this?
This is because otherwise, the processing of the orders is too complicated. You can order just 0,5 KG, this is no problem for the shipping. It makes no difference how many KG you order because your order is always sent as ” package ”. Only if you order more than 17KG, the package will be sent in several packages. So it is possible that one package will be delivered earlier than the other one.  The number of kilograms you order is always NET, so 0,5kg peppers ordered is delivered 0,5kg peppers. There are also smaller packages you can order in the shop “supermarket”.

13. Why is it that sometimes different kinds of peppers / bell peppers are put together in a box?
For example, 0,5kg of 4 products ordered may be that these are packed loose in one box. The reason is that if we do this separately, for example, with plastic containers it can scald in the box. Which of course is not good for the products. We also want to reduce the amount of packaging. The products are separated neatly into the box but can get scattered by transport.  We ask for your understanding. Our experience this far shows with the sending of fresh produce that this is a good method. To distinguish the products you can always use the clear pictures in our shop.

14. The shelf life of the products.
The shelf life of the fresh products is 2 weeks in the refrigerator (10-13 degrees). If you want to preserve products for a longer time, you can save them the best in the freezer in a plastic bag or container. The quality of the product is slightly less (it is not fresh!) When you want to use the peppers/bell peppers again take them out of the freezer and you can wash them with warm water. Just drain and the product is ready to use!

15. I have a complaint about the products delivered, what should I do now?
If you have a complaint about the products delivered, please send an email to westlandpeppersinfo@gmail.com. If the complaint is about the damage to the products, would you be so kind to send a photograph in the mail from the damaged product? Then we can come with a solution. Because of hygiene/food safety, it is not possible to send back the package.

16. Where is the kilo price based on?
The kilo price of the products is focused on the sharp wholesale price. Prices can differ for each period of the year.

17. Are all the products grown in the Netherlands?
Westland Peppers has a total size of 9 hectares of greenhouses in De Lier and in ‘s Gravenzande. In the summer season (April – November) all Westland Peppers products come from our own greenhouses in the Netherlands. In the winter season (November – April), the products are cultivated in Spain, Israel, Morocco by our own growers. The reason for these foreign crops is because the temperature in these countries in the winter is much more pleasant than in the Netherlands.

18. How many peppers/bell peppers are in one kilo?
It can not be said exactly how many peppers or bell peppers there are in one kilo. The reason for this is that not every pepper always has the same weight since the one is slightly larger or smaller than the other and therefore has a different weight.

An indication of how many peppers/bell peppers one kilogram contains:

  • Ancho Poblano: 10-13 pieces
  • Carolina Reaper: 145 – 155 pieces
  • Corno di Toro: 10 pieces
  • Habanero red/yellow/orange: 50 pieces
  • Jalapeño green/red: 30 – 40 pieces
  • Lemon Habanero: 95 – 110 pieces
  • Naga Jolokia: 160 – 170 pieces
  • Pimientos de Padron: 40-55 pieces
  • Spicy Cherry Bomb: 50 pieces
  • Rawit: 180 pieces
  • Scotch Bonnet red/yellow: 50-55 pieces
  • Serrano red/green: 90 pieces
  • Shakira green/red: 20-25 pieces
  • Sweet mini bell peppers: 30 pieces
  • Spanish chili pepper red/green/yellow/orange: 50 pieces
  • Tastypep seedless pepper: 50-55 pieces
  • Tomatillo: 15-20 pieces
  • Trinidad Scorpion red/chocolate: 95 – 110 pieces
  • White Hungarian pepper: 10 pieces

An indication of how many dried products 100 grams contains;

  • Dried chili Ancho: 7 – 11 pieces
  • Dried chili de Arbol: 120 – 140 pieces
  • Dried chili Catarina: 60 – 70 pieces
  • Dried chili Guajillo: 18 – 22 pieces
  • Dried chili Mulato: 9 – 13 pieces
  • Dried chili Pasilla: 10 – 15 pieces
  • Dried chili Pulla: 40 – 50 pieces
  • Dried chili Serrano: 170 – 190 pieces
  • Dried chili Chipotle: 30 – 40 pieces
  • Dried and smoked Ahumado Chipotle: 20 – 30 pieces
  • Dried chili Guindilla: 35 – 45 pieces
  • Dried chili Habanero: 80 – 90 pieces
  • Dried chili Kashmiri: 75 – 85 pieces
  • Dried chili Nora: 10 – 15 pieces
  • Dried sweet Pimientos: 7 – 10 pieces