Wrap Westlandpeppers


Wrap Westlandpeppers

October 6, 2019


Ingredients Westlandpeppers

1 jalapeño

2 poblanos

2 Hungarian wax peppers

5 tomatillos

5 red sweet mini peppers

6 orange sweet mini peppers

1 bottle of Sweet red pepper ketchup

12 Organic corn tortilla's Taiyari - blue or yellow


160 g red kidney beans

150 g maize

1 red onion

2 gloves of garlic

125 g sour crème

pepper, salt and bell pepper powder

optinal coriander


1Remove the seed lists out of the Hungarian wax peppers. After that, cut the tomatillos and Hungarian wax peppers in small cubes. Roast the cubes in the oven on grill position. Do this until you can remove the skin of the tomatillo and Hungarian wax easily.

2Then, remove the seeds out of the jalapeño, poblanos and the sweet mini peppers and cut them into rings. Cut the red onion and garlic in small pieces. Meanwhile, let the kidney beans and maize drain in a strainer.

3Now, bake the garlic, onion, Jalapeño, and Poblano on high heat in a pan. Do this until the garlic has some colour. Add the Sweet red pepper ketchup, kidney beans, maize and one teaspoon of bell pepper powder. Cook this for another two minutes.

4Meanwhile, pack the wraps how it is explained on the package. Mostly this is in the oven or microwave. It is also possible to bake them for a short time in a pan.

5At last, add the roasted tomatillos, Hungarian wax peppers, sweet mini peppers rings, coriander (optional), pepper and salt to the dish. Stir everything for a short time. Fill the tortillas with the mixture and serve the creme fraiche separately with the wraps. The dish is ready to be served.

6Enjoy your meal! Tip: extra delicious with self-made guacamole and wraps! 🙂


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