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Lemon habanero Westlandpeppers
Lemon habanero Westlandpeppers

Habanero Aioli

March 20, 2019

Making spicy aioli yourself is easy and super tasty! With this recipe, you can quickly make a fruity aioli with a spicy twist.

Lemon habanero Westlandpeppers


1Start with mincing the habaneros and garlic as fine as you can. Make sure the garlic becomes a fine paste. Put the garlic and habanero aside.

2Mix the egg yolks and garlic in a bowl with a whisk. Stir well and add about 50 millilitres of oil, drop by drop, to the egg yolk mixture, while continuing to stir well. It is very important that the oil is completely absorbed into the egg mixture. Continue beating and now add the remaining oil in a thin stream. Your aioli should now have the thickness of mayonnaise.

3Add the finely chopped Madame Jeanette and stir well again. Season with lemon juice, pepper and salt. Put the habanero aioli in the refrigerator so the flavours can meld together.


1No time to make your own aioli? Then buy some of the supermarkets and add sliced Madame Jeanette.


Ingredients Westlandpeppers

1 Lemon habanero


2 garlic gloves

2 egg yolks

160 ml sunflower oil

2 tsp lemon juice

pepper and salt


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