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  • Jalapeño poppers pack (8 pcs.)

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    Jalapeño poppers are stuffed and fried Jalapeños, which are often eaten as a snack or side dish. This article contains 8 large jalapeños that can be used to make the popular jalapeño poppers, but of course, you can also make another delicious dish with the 8 jalapeños. The Jalapeño is a medium-sized pepper used in many Mexican dishes. With this chili, a dish becomes a lot spicier. The Jalapeño is named after the Mexican city of Xalapa. Click here for a Jalapeño poppers recipe. The Jalapeño poppers package consists of 8 large Jalapeños. In addition to this small package, there is also the possibility to order the Jalapeños per 0,5 kg, sliced ​​organic Jalapeño in a can (4.25 kg), Jalapeño rack, pan or corer.
  • Jalapeno chili grill rack – 18-hole

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    With a stainless steel Jalapeño grill rack, you can grill jalapeños in the oven or BBQ. The jalapeños can be filled with, for example, cream cheese, goat cheese or all kinds of other delicious ingredients. Place the rack in the oven or on the BBQ and when the ingredients in the Jalapeños have melted and coloured, remove the rack carefully with gloves. This is very easy with the handles on the side or bottom of the rack. The rack is also a nice way to serve the jalapeños or other dishes! And is also an easy tool for making Jalapeño poppers (fried jalapeño snack) or filled snack peppers. Westlandpeppers offers a Jalapeño grill rack with space for 18 jalapeños.  In addition to this Jalapeño grill rack, there is also the option to order a jalapeño pan and/or corer. To make cooking with the Jalapeños as easy as possible! Click here to order our special Jalapeño poppers pack with 8 Jalapeños.